In love with 8 bit

Digital Art /

Polizei in Singapur in 8-Bit-C-64-Optik
Tempel auf Bali in 8-Bit-C-64-Optik
Temple of holy 8 bit
Flamingos im See in 8-Bit-C-64-Optik
A little bit more than 8 flamingos
8 bit more dinos in the museum
Only 1 than 8 bit cablecar in wellington
Less than 8 sheeps in a mosh bit
One ape of 8 out of the bit-group

8 bit of Bali

One of 8-bit-ships in Bali

The dragon who eats a bit like 8

8 holy golden years of a friendly bit

A bit goldrush of 1 of the 8

Not only a bit of 8 cars in the hot night of singapur

8 chicks like it a bit more hotter

More than 8 lights in the night-bit

Three guys sell a bit mor than 8 cold coconuts

Awaken of the dragon in the forest bit of the crazy 8

8 things on the bicycle are more than a bit less in your car

Less than 8 guys make the evening a bit hotter

More than 8 guys sitting around the bit of fire

A nice fish of a group of 8 is swimming a bit alone in the blue

More than 8 things and a little bit more

More than 8×8 things and a very little bit more

8 plus a bit of 32 is 40

Holy times in a temple-bit

Not only 8 paper lanterns befor the bit of the Green Lantern is coming

Transport at 8 o’clock in the middle of the bit-street

Please say 8 bit to me

8 and a some more pelicans like it a bit wet

Pink pigs in a pink bag with 8 bit of power-pink-purple-pinky-pinky

More than 16 ships and a bit less of 8 in the morning

Climbing the 8 bit of the seven rocks in the bonsai garden

I like cleaning the street on monday without my 8 friends of the bit

The thing which watch 8 cables at bitnight

Please one bit of Carlsberg at 8 in the evening

8 bit are walking around the red temple

One of 8 temples, not more than a little bitt less

Stairway from heaven to 8 bit downstairs

8 bit in a blue bird